Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ten good things about the Riviera

A couple of days ago, I posted a bit about the problems the Riviera.  But God help me, I'm an optimist. As I said in my previous post, I still like the place and visit every time I'm in town. The Riviera still does a few things right that keep bringing me back.  Here are ten of them.

   1. Good gambling. The new owners are promoting the place as a destination for "real gamblers", as opposed to a place for the high fashion, go-there-to-be-seen, nightclub crowd. They have good table game rules, and I've never had a bad dealer there. They also treat low-rollers (such as myself) with respect and welcome their business. This is not true of all places in LV.
    2. The Queen Victoria Pub - A real British pub. Well, OK, a fake British pub, but as real as anything in Vegas. I thought putting this place in was a great idea, and whenever I go, there is a good crowd(unlike in the casino), so maybe it's paying off for them. The Brits show up to watch the European sports, I show up because they draw a good pint of Guinness (surprisingly hard to find in Vegas), and because it's a relaxing place with great, friendly service. There is a niche here, and I think they did a good job of filling it.

   3. They have a good cheap food court. They also put in some cool old pinball machines here. If they put in some skeeball lanes I'd settle in for a few hours.

   4. It's next to the Peppermill, maybe the last good(not great, but close) restaurant/lounge on the strip. Believe the hype, it's worth the trip. Good food, big portions, decent prices, strong drinks, weirdo lounge decor, and a rare cast of characters make this place a real find.

   5.  The staff has always been friendly to me. This is a big plus.

   6. They send out a lot of comps if you have their players card. I get them regularly. I haven't used any yet, but one day they will get to me. 6.They have a bingo room. Bingo is not my thing, but a lot of people get terribly excited about bingo.

    7. They seem to have a good convention space. I know nothing about conventions and less about convention space, but it seems pretty big to me.

    8. They have a good (and affordable) comedy club. I'm a big fan of comedy clubs. Usually, I'd rather go cheap and see new faces rather than pay big bucks for a headliner.

    9. Roller Derby. Yes, roller derby. And I've heard the girls go drinking at the Queen Vic afterwords. Sipping a Guinness and watching a rugby game in a bar full of vacationing Brits and roller derby girls? How cool is that?

  10. The old school neon.  Every remodel or update on the strip means less of the classy old neon.  Maybe you haven't noticed.  Outside of downtown, the Riviera has the coolest of the old neon.  You'll miss it when its gone.

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